About me

Hi, nice to meet you!


My name is Giulia and biefly said: I'm happy to help you spread your message. How? On one side thanks to pen and paper (or keyboard) and on the other side thanks to people like you who tell me their ideas and visions. This combination – together with some coffee, snacks and music – brings out all sorts of creative content. Have a look in Work and my Blog as well to get an idea of who these people are that trusted me so far and what kind of content I'm talking about.

While I'm open to all sorts of topics, my personal favourites are:

  • outdoor life
  • sports
  • travel
  • health

I don't discriminate. If you tell me a little about your world, even if you don't see it in my list of favourites, here's what I can offer you:




Social media
Copies for campaigns
Blog articles
Translations / Transcriptions
SEO articles / transaltions
Web copies
Online marketing
Video editing
Photo editing


Microsoft Office
CMS (Wordpress)
Business Facebook
Video editing tools
Tracking tools



For Stratewave
Content Creation | February 2024 – current
  • Monthly planning of content for blog and Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Writing blog articles about marketing related topics in English, Spanish and German
  • Designing posts in Canva adapting formats and message to the social media different channels
Translator | February 2020 – current
  • Transcription of blog posts, web texts, social media posts and video texts (ES > DE) for two different clients of the tourism sector considering the German culture, linguistic character and market in general when translating and transcribing the texts in order to adapt them to the local target of the client
For IMA Magnets
Translator & Proof-reader | March 2019 – current
  • Translation of blog posts from Spanish to German
  • Proof-reading and correcting of their German homepage
  • Writing articles for the company's blog in German


For Hector's Kitchen
Translator | November 2020 – January 2024
  • SEO-Translations (EN/FR - DE) of blog posts
  • SEO-editing of already existing blog posts
For ABA English | Barcelona
Social Media Coordinator, Translator & Content Creator | July 2017 – January 2021
  • Creating, translating (ES/EN - DE) and updating blog articles
  • Coordinating the company's Facebook channels (ES, EN, IT, PT, FR, DE) according to the company's social media strategy
  • Creating copies for the company's creativities on Instagram
  • Growing followers through Facebook in the German market and increase engagement according the company's overall social media strategy


For Good Rebels
Community Manager | February 2019 – May 2020
  • Content creation for FB, IG & TW Germany for one of their cContent creation for FB, IG & TW Germany for one of their clients in the tourism sector
  • Monitoring of the German social media channels for one of their clients in the tourism sector
For Grey
Community Manager | February 2019 – May 2020
  • Content creation for FB Germany for one of their clients in the tourism sector
  • Monitoring of the FB Germany channel for one of their clients in the tourism sector
  • Creating monthly reports to reflect the performance of the content and be able to adapt future planning
For Signaturit
Content & Social Media Manager DE | August 2019 – December 2019
  • Helping to explore the German market and find out how the company can launch their product
  • Planning and executing a live Webinar with an influencer in one of the niche markets to explore in order to find out more about potential customers' reaction towards the product
  • Launch and maintaining the company's blog and Linkedin as well as Twitter account for the German market
  • Proofreading existing content and copywriting for new marketing materials
For Mavens of London
Copy Writer | May 2019 – May 2020
  • Writing blog articles in German including keywords and backlinks adapting tone and voice to the style used in the blog where the article is supposed to be published
For Planet Surfcamps
Online Marketing | April 2019 – April 2020
  • Creating and coordinating a content calendar for Instagram Stories in order to improve the engagement
  • Research and place the camps in different platforms in order to increase the visibility and target more potential customers
  • Reaching out to possible partners in order to create long-lasting collaborations that give the brand more visibility
  • Improving web content
For Digital Growth
Translator | January 2019 – March 2019
  • Translation of blog posts from Spanish to German
For MisterFly
Translator & Content Creator | October 2018 – February 2019
  • Translation of web offers for travel packages
  • Writing of destination descriptions
Camaloon | Barcelona
Copywriter | October 2017 – March 2019
  • Redefining the tone of the texts that represent the company in the German market after changing from being a B2C focused E-commerce to a B2B focused E-commerce. Includes re-writing texts for the website such as product descriptions, catalogues and functional copies
  • Together with the communication team creating a new style of company communications. Thinking of concepts and writing the copies for promotional, informative, inspirational newsletter and homepage banners in German as well as Spanish (proposals). Improved average OR from 16 % up to 28 % and CTR from 3,5 % up to 6%. 3x more sales through NWL than the year before.
  • Writing SEO content/Landing Pages in DE following the guidelines and strategy from the Acquisition team of the company
  • Organising translations and implementing content in 7 different languages
  • Training of new team members
Degustabox | Barcelona
Affiliate Marketing Specialist | July 2017 – October 2017
  • Growing and optimising existing affiliate relationships in the following markets: DE, ES, FR and IT
  • Managing new affiliate partnerships, from commercial negotiations to technical integration, which included the following tasks:
  • Developing and monitoring affiliate promotions, ensuring best site placement and maximum exposure for maximum return
  • Keeping affiliates up-to-date with new promotions and any program enhancements via phone, email, newsletters
  • Structuring and creating the monthly affiliate newsletter in order to motivate partners to perform better and create new collaborations
  • Analysing the daily / weekly / monthly sales reporting, in order to optimize campaigns and reach traffic, sales and ROI targets
  • Work closely with the creative department to request and campaign materials
ABA English | Barcelona
User Acquisition Specialist, Content Writer & Translator | January 2016 – July 2017
  • Creating new partnerships with agencies or direct collaborations with bloggers and working on maintaining and optimising current ones
  • Creating content such as writing articels (in English/Spanish/German) for blogs, set up social media posts, creating content for newsletter or banners
  • Optimising Mailing/Display/Mobile Campaigns and direct collaborations according to KPIs and in order to reach global company goals
  • Adapting and creating new campaigns in line with the global marketing strategy
  • Translating newsletters and other content from Spanish or English to German
  • Writing content for the marketing blog and analyse its performance through social media adds, or content marketing platforms, according to the Global Marketing Strategy's KPIs
  • In charge of the social media coordination and content creation (German market)
  • Project: planned and executed the company's first influencer campaign (Youtube) in order to test if it could be a channel that fits within the Marketing strategy
ABA English | Barcelona
Student Assistant, Content Writer, Translator (DE) & Marketing Assistant | February 2015 – January 2016
  • Reply to and resolve student inquiries in Spanish, Italian, English and German
  • Research on how to improve usage of working tools within the team (Zendesk)
  • Translate newsletters, web and mobile content from Spanish or English to German
  • Training new team members
  • Project: Creating content for the Help Center version 0.1, content based in order to start creating a Knowledge base. This included the following tasks: Writing content, articles that provide information about the course and payment topics, about how to use it and technical support. Organising translations in various languages. Technical research on how to optimise the Help Center.
  • Report to the Publisher Manager since January 2016
  • Research tasks: Looking for new partners such as agencies or direct collaborations with bloggers
  • Creating content such as articels for blogs or set up social media posts
  • Setting up E-mailing campaigns



Inter-Schools Cursos de Idioma en el extranjero | Barcelona

Administration Intern | August 2014 – October 2014

Teach Communications | Melbourne

Public Relations & Marketing Communications Intern | September 2012 – October 2012


Bachelor in  Literature, Culture and Media with Economics

Universität Siegen: 2011 – 2014

Semester abroad: Faculty of Translation and Interpretation

Pompeu Fabra Barcelona: 2013

Personal Information


Hometown Siegen (Germany)
Date of birth 13/08/1991


Sport qualifications

Certified Mat Pilates Instructor
SUP Pilates Instructor

SUP Instructor Level 1